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Some parts of this trip are too immediately interesting to be shoved to the back of my mind to be thought about and written down sometime in the distant future. That's what I decided in February 2007 as we were flying to Bangkok for ten days in the interior of Thailand. So I brought along a notebook and told myself I'd write up what we did every day, on the day that we did it. It worked fabulously and so I continued the journal idea when we traveled around Sri Lanka for a week.

I've kept journals in the past, but somehow managed to always let myself say "I'll write about today tomorrow" and then that idea flies right out the window because suddenly having TWO days to write about is entirely too much to deal with. Another handy excuse (one I used principally in 1998 when my folks wanted me to keep a journal of our trip to southern Africa) is that my memory is perfect and what's the point of writing things down when I'll never forget them anyway? Boy, have I ever started learning about leaky memory. I can't wait to get back into the storage boxes we left at home and find my journal from that Africa trip. I hope I wrote more than I remember writing, but at least the little tidbits will be interesting.

Besides the journals of long trips off Ocelot, I've also included some entries from when I was simply struck by how interesting or novel something was, like seeing three shooting stars during my night-watch on a calm sail, or walking around a small Muslim town in the Maldives, or seeing a Balinese cremation. Nothing here is my memory of a place, it's all right-here, right-now, what I'm seeing/feeling/thinking at this moment. I hope you enjoy reading about it as much as I did experiencing it.

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